Fake Star Wars 9 Crawl Fixes Every Last Jedi Problem

fake star wars 9 crawl

Star Wars 9 Fake Crawl

The Force Awakens was too similar to A New Hope and The Last Jedi was too far out and different than anything that Star Wars fans are used to. Pair that with a bunch of disappointment in regard to the decisions of director Rian Johnson and the fans are not happy. That’s where this new fake crawl for Star Wars 9 comes into play. Just about every complaint about The Last Jedi has been addressed in this nearly 4-minute video. It’s pretty awesome.

The fake crawl has Star Wars 9 titled A New Rebellion and begins right as The Last Jedi ends. It takes a quick turn fixing up some problems. First, it claims that Luke Skywalker didn’t die. Instead, we saw a clone and Luke will be back to do some amazing things that “he never got to do before.” This last bit is obviously poking a little bit of fun at Luke’s death and astral projection Force powers that we had never seen him use before.

Next, Kylo Ren’s helmet makes it back with a brand-new version that he will not bust up this time around. This is a bit of a controversial take between Star Wars fans. Some believe that Kylo Ren should have had his helmet on for a lot longer in The Force Awakens, while many fans were happy to see him destroy the helmet in The Last Jedi. That way he could ditch  his superficial Darth Vader obsession. Elsewhere, Snoke is back as an epic Dark Side Force ghost who will never be tricked again. The fake crawl goes on to tease the fact that we didn’t get to see any of his backstory and reveals that he’ll get into a battle with the Knights of Ren.

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