Could Luke Skywalker return from the dead in Episode IX?

Luke Skywalker Star Wars 9

Could Luke Skywalker return?

Luke Skywalker will likely return as a Force ghost in Episode IX, but an early script of Return of the Jedi suggests he could return to the world of the living as bonafide flesh and blood.

Reddit user AscAnsio recently uploaded an image featuring part of an early draft for Return of the Jedi found in the properly named J.W. Rinzler book, The Making of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. Parts of the early script suggests that Jedi could actually return to the physical realm from the netherworld of the Force.

Take a look at the portion of the script below. It takes place during the film’s climactic confrontation between Luke Skywalker and the Emperor and features both Ben Kenobi and Yoda who decide to show up in Force ghost form to help Luke.

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